Feral cats kill tens of millions of native animals every night. The Australian Wildlife Conservancy in conjunction with the NSW government will make 80,000 hectares of the Pilliga Nature Reserve feral cat and fox free, and return native species to our local area made “extinct” by feral predators over the last decades.

Species to be returned are

  • Bridled Nail-Tailed Wallaby
  • Western Barred Bandicoot
  • Brush Tailed Bettong
  • Western Quoll
  • Numbat
  • Bilby

Large areas of the nature reserve will be fenced and all feral species eradicated.  Various species of marsupial will then be reintroduced and monitored. The move is to save 10 species of marsupials from complete extinction. The AWC will also be delivering broader land management and scientific investigation of the area.

The AWC says on their website announcement about the project  “The initiative will also deliver important benefits for local communities by creating a unique opportunity for national park visitors to see some of Australia’s most endangered mammals in the wild.”

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