Local Federal member and National Party Chief Whip Mark Coulton does not agree with the majority of his constituents that people of the same sex are entitled to the same marriage rights that opposite-sex couples enjoy. He recently said it was a “distraction” away from government business and did not see any rush to make good the current discriminatory situation.

The sad thing is, the current government claims to want to build the economy yet they deny the extra revenue to local small businesses that same sex marriage will bring. When same-sex marriage is approved there would be an instant increase in weddings and receptions – that means more money being spent at venues, local florists, caterers, newspaper announcements, jewelers, gift shops, car hire… the list goes on. Don’t forget that even before the wedding comes the engagement with many of the same businesses benefiting twice!  The wedding industry in Australia generates 4 billion dollars annually, with an estimated $1 billion+ being added by same-sex couples   – generating more local jobs. Even if local couples are only spending even half of the average $36,000 it costs for an Australian wedding, the benefits to the local economy will be staggering! It beggars belief that such a positive move to the economy is being ignored.

It’s also worrying that an elected official decides not to represent the will of those that elected them. Coonabarabran has a healthy LBGTQ community and as a town is open and accepting of people from all walks of life. It’s one of the good things about small town living, everyone gets on with their own business. Unfortunately that very same attitude can lead to not standing up when things are wrong, because “it’s not my business” and it is an attitude that is taken advantage of by politicians to ensure their positions are not threatened.  Time to make the town’s views known.

Mark Coulton’s web page says that “I represent everyone who lives in the Parkes electorate” and it’s time we made sure he actually did that. His party and the coalition it has with the Liberal Party has delivered precious little good news for Coonabarabran and the rest of the people of Parkes and it is time he is held accountable. His track record for Coonabarabran is poor,  the recent Mobile Phone Tower Black Spot program a complete failure for the Warrumbungle Shire (despite proof that lives are at risk), and that the Parkes Electorate, the largest area in NSW only obtained 8 of the 144  towers in the state.

Luckily in this digital age it is easy to make your opinion known, while a handwritten letter (or printed!) is given more weight as it has to be logged into a correspondence log – we can also send a quick email to make sure Mr Coulton understands that we care about our local businesses and our people, and his view is not accepted, nor will it be tolerated at the next election should is continue to oppose the will of the town.

Email Mark Coulton today at  Mark.Coult[email protected]aph.gov.au and make it clear that he needs to represent you and Coonabarabran and support same sex marriage.

Other contact details for letters and phone calls are


Unit 3/153 Brisbane Street
Phone: (02) 6882 0999



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