In 1999 a group of far seeing townspeople purchased the domain and erected a website in 2001 to help the town’s visitors and businesses. The site unfortunately did not really keep up with the times and remained with a 2001 look and feel until I took over it’s management in 2011 while volunteering at the Coonabarabran Community Technology Centre (CTC). The CTC folded in 2013, and some shady dealings with the domain meant that instead of it going to the ownership of a community group as was voted on, the domain has fallen into the hands of a business and the site was shuttered and the domain clumsily forwarded to the Warrumbungle Shire tourism site. In effect, the town lost thousands of dollars worth of website that ranked #1 in Google for just about every search term that included Coonabarabran, as well as a site that celebrates and promotes Coonabarabran as an individual town. 

As I have been running the Coonabarabran Facebook and Twitter page on a voluntary basis since 2011 I feel rather attached to keeping an up-to-date digital presence for the town. So I have created to ensure that Coonabarabran maintains a strong digital presence for visitors and locals alike.

The site is designed to keep up to date with local events as well as giving small businesses in the town an affordable way to have a website and email address, just like they had on the website. Meanwhile I will be working in the background to build up the site’s rankings in the search engines to help regain what was so carelessly thrown away.

If you have any questions then drop me a note using the contact page and I will get right back to you!

Here’s to a brighter digital future for Coonabarabran



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