Coonabarabran residents will be able to watch His Honour Magistrate Dillon, Deputy State Coroner read his findings into the fire at the Wambelong campground, Coonabarabran at 9:30am  28th September using a video link at the Warrumbungle Shire Council building (be there at 9:15 to be seated).

Magistrate Dillon has been hampered by a lack of staff and facilities and has written to the NSW state legislature telling of how NSW has half the staff  and funding Victoria and QLD have access to. He also explained that he has no secretarial or research staff and so has basically had to write and research the whole report after the single policeman and 2 barristers provided at the beginning of the inquiry were reassigned back to their normal duties.

The text version of the report will be available for download on the Coroner’s website on release of the report.



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