If you have been keeping up with local news then you would have heard about the controversy in play with the Warrumbungle Shire Council’s General Manager position. Steve Loane, the current GM, has had the position under contract for 3 years, with 1 year of his contract remaining. Depending on who you speak to either the entire council voted that his contract should be extended another 4 years (maybe even 5 years) or that there was dissent from some Councillors because with the upcoming NSW council amalgamations across NSW there will be the opportunity to interview a possibly better candidate for the role.

So here’s your chance to say where you stand on the matter. It’s totally anonymous and you have a week till the poll closes so click a choice now, and if you want to discuss what’s going on there’s the comments section below or the Coonabarabran Facebook page post. I’ll post another article on the results when the poll is closed.


EDIT : Poll closed 19/07/2015 after systematic fake votes were found to be made in favour of the council decision. The votes came from a single person using ip-addresses from two Australian 2 data centres. They made of the 118 of the 146 votes for that choice.

There are several possibilities of what could be happening here and I really think the least likely of them is that anyone from the council actually did this. I do think however that it is likely that someone who thought they were doing the council a favour might have (unless the council has a PR firm working on their behalf, they have been known to make terrible social media blunders). or it could just be someone playing silly buggers – a very civic minded someone, who agrees with authority….Anyway I have to admire the effort put into someone either manually, or writing a script to skew a small town opinion poll.

Sample of fake votes

So final results for the poll – minus the bogus votes are

95 votes for The contract should be opened now to new candidates

55 votes for The contract should have been let run to term (another 12 months) and the role open to all candidates

28 votes for The contract should be left as the council has decided

1 Vote for I have no opinion





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