The Warrumbungle Shire has again missed out from the Federal funding for mobile black spot towers. Round 2 of funding was announced today with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone being successful in securing money to build towers to cover known areas of zero to bad coverage.

Coonabarabran’s notorious black spot along Timor Rd and surrounds has been ignored despite the fact that the lack of service during the 2013 Wambelong bushfire endangered many lives and it was only sheer luck that prevented fatalities among people unaware a fire was coming. Almost 4 years later nothing has changed, despite the initial assertions from Mark Coulton that the area was a priority.

Residents of the shire have to wonder why representatives that they elected to all levels of Government are not working on our behalf to improve conditions in Coonabarabran, and the shire at large. What value are we getting from the governing Liberal National Party coalition when funding only goes to unsafe seats. What message is that sending their loyal voters in this electorate?

Consider the roll out of the NBN and the effect it will have on the town now that there’s no plans for wireless coverage in the areas where fibre will not be run. The new RFS site in the industrial area will have only satellite coverage, which as users already know is slow, unreliable in some weathers and wholly inappropriate for a service that relies on up to the minute forcast suervices and communications. The RFS is looking at ways to fund their own communications solution using a microwave link from their existing site. It beggars belief why an essential life-saving service is left with third world infrastructure by this federal government.

If the residents of Coonabarabran and the Warrumbungle Shire do not make more noise about mobile coverage and the NBN roll out debacle then there will be no growth in our town or our shire. Our youth will leave in droves as opportunities and decent internet and communication can be found in other places. This is a very real problem and a very timely one.

Make it known that you will not accept our sub par communications and internet by emailing the following and demanding better results from your elected representative
Email the Warrumbungle Shire Council and demand they put more pressure on the State and Federal Governments to deliver decent service

Email the state member for Barwon – Kevin Humphries

Email the federal member for Parkes – Mark Coulton



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