With first preferences for all booths, pre-poll and postal votes counted overnight, it’s pretty obvious that the Warrumbungle Shire is looking for a change in Councillors. Mayor Peter Shinton has taken a huge hit from his over 1000 people voting him #1 in last term’s election, dropping to 375 and veteran Cr Clancy losing half of his support from last election.

New faces are making a good show of things and, depending on how preferences play out, will make up a good chunk of the new council. Dr Aniello Annuzzi has had a good showing in pre-poll votes at the Coonabarabran booth and Kodi Brady took out the Coonabarabran first preferences on voting day clearly trouncing every other contender. Previous unsuccessful contenders have done well too, Wendy Hill, picked up 100 odd votes over her last result.

The Doolan/Johnston ticket has run a great campaign and has polled well, but scrutineers did point out that many of their votes only had the 1 – 2 positions filled in.

Preferences will be the decider on most positions, and as we saw last election, that can bring some of the also-rans into the council chamber. Coolah  pre-poll first preferences are yet to be counted. Counting should be finished and our new council announced before the 16th September

Current results read

GroupATL/CandidateGroup/Party/INDFP VotesQuota
% Formal Votes
DOOLAN Ambrose5351.0410.41%
JOHNSTON PhilipIND3840.757.47%
LEWIS Ray3750.737.30%
HUTCHINSON QuintenIND2280.444.44%
HILL Wendy3430.676.67%
COLLEY PeterIND290.060.56%
COE Murray2050.43.99%
IANNUZZI Aniello4250.838.27%
TODD Denis5991.1711.66%
SHINTON Peter3750.737.30%
BURTON DonnaIND1510.292.94%
HUNTER Nicole2330.454.53%
ANDREWS Gary1690.333.29%
BRADY KodiIND4070.797.92%
SULLIVAN RonIND930.181.81%
CLANCY FredIND2690.525.23%
CAPEL Anne-LouiseIND3190.626.21%

Compared to last term’s at this point in counting



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