NSW Emergency Services Minister and Liberal MP for Baulkham Hills, David Elliott, has added to the current friction between the Rural Fire Service Association (representing paid and volunteer fire fighters) and the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association over the Wambelong Fire Inquiry recommendation that the RFS consult with the volunteer service to take advantage of local knowledge of conditions.

Speaking at the recent RFSA 2015 Conference in Mudgee, Elliot said that he had never met or heard any of the VFFA. He went on to say “I know there are 29 recommendations and I’ll be…we’ll be certainly looking at them but…I’ve sat on parliamentary inquiries, please don’t assume they know what they’re talking about.”

With another month to go until the announcement of the results of the Coronial Inquiry, the Minister’s comments have added further pain to locals who lost property and livestock and are still waiting for answers as to why it happened and how it can be stopped from happening again.



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