The nominations for the September council election closed at 5pm today with 17 people throwing their hat in the ring. All existing councillors bar Victor Schmidt have renominated for another term of service to the community. Coonabarabran hopefuls make up a third of the candidates. It is heartening to see new younger faces making their bid to obtain a place on council.

The current council has not fared well recently on social media with a post implicating the council in shady dealings still visible to all on Facebook, despite reportedly lauching an investigation into who had posted it. In communications about the post the council indicated were attempting to have Facebook take the post down, and were going to pursue anyone who had liked or shared it.


SurnameGiven NamesCandidate Ballot NameLocalityGroupGroup NameParty Affiliation or IndependentCandidate Information SheetPhoneMobileEmailWebsite
DOOLANAmbrose VincentDOOLAN AmbroseULAMAMBRIA[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]0419695079[email protected]
JOHNSTONPhilip AndrewJOHNSTON PhilipULAMAMBRIAIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF][email protected]
LEWISThomas RaymondLEWIS RayNEILREX[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02688635170427460376
HUTCHINSONQuinton RenshawHUTCHINSON QuintenCOOLAHIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]0428388532[email protected]
HILLWendy JocelynHILL WendyDUNEDOO[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]
COLLEYPeter JohnCOLLEY PeterDUNEDOOIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]
COEMurray NevilleCOE MurrayLEADVILLE[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02637502650428495195
IANNUZZIAnielloIANNUZZI AnielloCOONABARABRAN[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]
TODDDenis StanleyTODD DenisBARWON[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02684318310427074446[email protected]
SHINTONPeter John LaurenceSHINTON PeterDANDRY[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02684220550428255420[email protected]
BURTONDonna MarieBURTON DonnaCOONABARABRANIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]04282882440428288244[email protected]
HUNTERNicoleHUNTER NicoleCOONABARABRAN[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02684254920409619780[email protected]
ANDREWSGary RichardANDREWS GaryBINNAWAY[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]
BRADYKodi JoelBRADY KodiCOONABARABRANIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]0411696490[email protected]
SULLIVANRonald DennisSULLIVAN RonPURLEWAUGHIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]02684282260428428226[email protected]
CLANCYFrederick WilliamCLANCY FredCOONABARABRANIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]0429030400
CAPELAnne-LouiseCAPEL Anne-LouiseCOOLAHIndependent[Download Candidate Information Sheet PDF]0263774620[email protected]



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