Despite “Brad” from the NSW Electoral Commission telling us the result would be in on the 16th, after an anxious protracted wait, the new members of the Warrumbungle Shire Council have been announced.

Barring contesting of results by any candidates, our new Councillors are (in the order of election after distribution of preferences)

Dennis Todd

Ambrose Doolan

Kodi Brady

Anne-Louise Capel

Aniello Annuzzi

Fred Clancy

Ray Lewis

Wendy Hill

Peter Shinton

The margin between the last elected candidate SHINTON Peter and the last un-elected/excluded candidate JOHNSTON Philip is 42.

The next step will be for the Councillors to select who will be Mayor. Cr Dennis Todd wasted no time ringing around potential Councillors earlier in the week, well before results were close to being announced, to make it clear it is a position he would like to have. There may be reservations from new Councillors against putting someone who was part of the previous highly unpopular council, and has been reprimanded for using confidential council information for material gain, in the top spot.



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