Yesterday the NBN CO announced that the construction of the NBN in Coonabarabran will commence before September 2016 with completion taking 12 months. This date is years after the promised date that was advertised in local media in 2012 touting Coonabarabran as one of the earliest installations. A change of federal government to the LNP has meant that not only is Coonabarabran getting a much reduced service than was originally planned,but that the town will be years behind even small local towns like Dunedoo who are already under construction.  The effects on the town will be profound with education of our children and local businesses being at a disadvantage to those places that enjoy the NBN already,or will in the near future.

The NBN Co wants everyone to be prepared for the NBN – even though it will be years away.

The NBN Co website offers a “Check Your Address” function, allowing users to find out if the NBN is available at their home or business.


1. “It’s just for broadband”: The NBN is for both internet and telephone services. So everyone using a fixed-line copper telephone line must move to the NBN to avoid disconnection.

2. “The transfer is automatic”: The move to an NBN-enabled service is not automatic. Customers must contact their internet and telephone service provider and organise the switch to an NBN plan.

3. “It’s just for people in rural and regional Australia”: The NBN rollout began in regional Australia, but it will spread to all cities. NBN Co aims to connect 8 million homes by 2020.

4. “NBN plans are going to rip us off”: Internet or telephone services providers set the prices which can then be easily compared online. NBN Co says consumers are likely to get more services for the same price.



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