In a statement released on their website today, the Nature Conservation Council, who brand themselves the “Voice for Nature in NSW”, have come out in opposition to some of the recommendations of the Wambelong Fire.  The crux of their argument is that the recommendations for fire reduction have “no scientific basis and would do little to improve fire management in NSW.”

They single out the recommendation to increase the fuel reduction burning to 5% of areas in fire-prone public land every year. Citing the Independent Hazard Reduction Audit Panel of 2013 they believe there will be little improvement to fire risk, while still costing the same to manage and maintain any natural fire that occured.

They also object to opening of old fire trails without local bushfire committee input, and clearing of a buffer zone on the edges of National Parks due to weeds and inaccessibility issues .

Despite the issues of ownership and communication between the RFS and the NWPS that led to an escalation of the fire, the Conservation Council says that the current arrangements are sufficient.

Read the full statement here



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