The race for Warrumbungle Shire Mayor has had several leaders over the last week. Denis Todd made a run early for support; Peter Shinton believed his previous record should mean he could be Mayor again. Fred Clancy also reached out to see if enough people were behind him. Ambrose Doolan was also mentioned.

Today’s news is that Ray Lewis is a confirmed nomination and is backed by three Councillors who want him to sit in the big chair. They see him as a face that can represent a fresh start for the shire. The final result may come down to the vote of a single undecided Councillor on the 29th if more than Cr Lewis actually nominates.

Thursday’s special meeting to elect Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be an interesting one with a group of ratepayers keen to make it clear to the new Council that they do not support Peter Shinton in any position. If nothing else, there is a great deal more interest by ratepayers in who and what this council is up to.


Image courtesy Pat Lolka – Flickr



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