A group of one Councillor’s supporters have promised to be rowdy at this morning’s Mayoral election Special Meeting. The group have reportedly said they will boo and hiss from the gallery to make clear their disapproval for Cr Peter Shinton.

Today’s election result may come down to the time-honoured solution of drawing of a name from a hat with the two contenders, Cr Ray Lewis and Cr Peter Shinton, possibly having four votes each. Cr Fred Clancy, the ninth Councillor, will be absent from the first Council meeting as he is overseas and so is ineligible to vote.

Voting will occur at 9:30am at the Coonabarabran Office of the Council Chambers.


Congratulations to our new Mayor Peter Shinton

The Mayor was drawn from a hat after a 4-4 result

Cr Todd and Cr Capel nominated for Deputy Mayor

Congratulations to Cr Todd our new Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor was drawn from a hat after a 4-4 result



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