Coonabarabran and the rest of the 2357 postcode area rates highly compared to the rest of the country when it comes to solar PV uptake. We all see the panels on top of houses and the larger arrays on top of businesses like the Imperial Hotel and Pilliga Pottery, but would you have guessed that 1 in 3 houses in Coona has solar?

The Australian Photovoltaic Institute has released an interactive online tool that shows real time electricity creation figures from solar, as well as maps showing solar uptake, and density. A quick check shows that 33% of houses in the town have solar power contributing to the grid. As houses that aren’t grid connected aren’t included this figure is bound to be higher as many properties out-of-town are completely solar powered.

The recent announcement by the Tesla company of a new PowerWall battery storage system will allow those with solar to make even further savings on their power bill by being able to access the power they generated during the day, at night when they are home. Whether this new move will see an even great uptake to solar is yet to be seen, but the disruption to the “big power” model of electricity generation and supply is definitely getting a shake up.




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