A solution to the issue of heavy vehicles in the main road of Coonabarabran has been approved with all parking removed from John Street between Edwards Street and Dalgarno street and the extra space being used as a “truck lane”.

A Warrumbungle Shire Council spokesperson said one of the main complaints about the heavy vehicles was that they made elderly drivers fearful of parking in John Street as trucks would “suddenly appear” behind parking pensioners and not understand that he elderly had to reverse into parking spots without indicating. The spokesperson said that parking will still be available behind the shopping areas as well as extra parking being approved to replace the children’s playground behind Woolworths which fixes two problems at once – the truck lane will remove pensioners parking in the main street and allowing trucks to travel unhindered through town.

All parking signs and decorative kerbing will be removed, as well as the the concrete camber and garden area around the clocktower to give more room for the truck lane.

“We think this is a great idea” said April Fewel, long distance truck driver from Gunnabemadareya “It would be fantastic if every town made truck lanes.”

The new “truck lane” will have markings painted on the road this morning (April 1st, 2015).



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