A Facebook user under the name “JB Kingdom” has made posts online that allege corruption in the Warrumbungle Shire Council. The first post on JB Kingdom’s Facebook page on March 31st,  makes allegations against two council staff members regarding a council appointment and a leasing agreement . The post also talks about rate payer’s money allegedly  being wasted due to bad management practices. At the time of publication this post was still publicly available.

A further post made on a local Buy,Swap,Sell page on April 11th pointed out alleged council waste of funds on a real estate purchase. This post has been removed.

Coonabarabran News contacted the named council staff member via email for a response to the allegations. Council GM Steve Loane responded, warning legal action if the allegations were republished and pointing out the Facebook terms of service under which the Council will request Facebook to remove the post. He also said that legal action against JB Kingdom and anyone that had shared the post may be initiated. In addressing the allegations themselves he writes, “(t)he contents of the Facebook claims are without truth or foundation.”

JB Kingdom’s post urges residents to ask members of the council to explain the allegations, though those with corruption information would be better served to use the anonymous Independent Commission Against Corruption Corruption Reporting page. ICAC received 3146 complaints during the 2014-2015 reporting time-period, with the public making 30% and principal officers of NSW public sector agencies and ministers who have a legal responsibility to report corruption, making up a further 20%.

JB Kingdom has not responded to attempts to contact them via Facebook.



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