Susan Nixon, 34, of Coonabarabran was refused bail in Lithgow court today and will  appear at Coonabarabran Court on November 25th.  Nixon was charged with numerous traffic offences including being 45km and over the speed limit, and two counts of leading police on a pursuit. In NSW, the offence of police pursuit is listed under section 51B of the Crimes Act. The offence is also known as Skye’s Law as it was introduced after the toddler Skye Sassine was killed when a driver attempting to escape police crashed into her parent’s car.

The maximum penalty for “Police Pursuit” is 3 years gaol for a first offence, or 5 years in gaol if you have been convicted of another major offence in the 5 years immediately before. There is a minimum disqualification period of 1 years and an automatic period of 3 years.



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