On Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November, the Coonabarabran Amateur Dramatic Society will return to the Flix in the Stix with a night of one-act plays loosely inspired by the works of William Shakespeare.

The talented school students are presenting Allison Williams’ “Hamlette” – a different take on the Shakespeare tragedy Hamlet. Based on the premise that Hamlet was actually a woman – Hamlette is an invigorating comedic interpretation of the classic Danish tale. This young cast will take about forty minutes to tell Shakespeare’s classic play of about four hours!

A group of four intrepid adults are presenting Damian Trasler’s “Don’t Mention the Dream”. Don’t Mention the Dream beautifully captures the volatile and divisive world of community theatre. As four misfits meet to decide on their next community production, Russell (the nerdy director/ self-appointed President) marvels at his stroke of genius in picking Midsummer Nights’ Dream as their upcoming show. Theresa (the neurotic thespian) relishes revisiting a play she holds dear, having played Hermia in her youth. This causes great controversy as Lucy (the realist) believes that Shakespeare has really been done to death and the meeting quickly turns into a circus. Claire (our everyman) gets caught in the crossfire and after witnessing many hostile yet humorous conversations, assists Lucy as she find a new way to navigate the world of the Bard.

Tickets are on sale from Prezzies and will also be available at the door.

For more information please email Michael Armstrong at [email protected]



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