A 65 year old Dubbo man allegedly attempted to evade a breath test by patrolling Coonabarabran police officers on Sunday by driving his vehicle into a rest stop and running from the scene into bush. Police had performed a U-turn 35km east of Coonabarabran to pull over the man’s vehicle when the car braked hard and drove into a rest stop. The driver left the vehicle but was caught and searched by police. A small quantity of amphetamine was found in his possession.

Police searched a log where the man had stopped and found a white bag containing methamphetamine. The man allegedly claimed that he had hidden the drugs so that he could return at a later time and pick it up. The man was arrested and taken Coonabarabran Police Station where he was charged with two counts of possession of prohibited drug.

The man will appear at Coonabarabran court to answer the charges in April.



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